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 Inside the DVD "Fly Fishing Techniques That Catch Trout"

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Fly Fishing Techniques That Catch Trout
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Fly FishingTechniques That Cafch Trout - This video is instrumental in bridging the gap between reading the water, presenting the fly and using the right cast to catch trout. The information presented is crucial for anglers that want to learn proven skills and techniques to fly fish confidently for trout on moving water.:

This unique program for fly fisherman delivers video above and below the waterline! Previously below waterline action was only available with still shots in articles and books.

Jeff's on stream instructional style re-enforces the important techniques in reading the water, presenting the fly and casting using proven on water techniques. His on stream instructing style presents each session in a format beneficial to actual fishing conditions.

"Fly Fishing Techniques That Catch Trout" Video Features

Video from a fisheye view of dry, nymph & streamer flies with varying leaders. See a complete underwater trout perspective of monofilament leader.

On-stream fly casting and fly fishing for trout instructional sections that feature the Parachute cast, Pile cast, Tuck cast, Elevated side-arm cast in addition to aerial and stack mending using each of the key casts.

Jeff's Convertible Leader System which provides a better turnover and allows the fisherman to go from nymphing subsurface to fishing a dry fly on top quickly.

Bonus feature! An on-location interview with Jim Crouse, director of the Pleasant Valley Fly Fishing Preserve

Produced in high-definition and distributed in both DVD-video & Blu-ray Disc,  Dolby Digital 5.1 surround.

Jeff possesses a full command of the technical aspects of fly casting as well as a deep appreciation for its artistry and elegance. While Jeff is an experienced instructor who is quick to identify and correct any casting problems, he is also committed to making his fly casting and fishing lessons an enjoyable and personally rewarding experience for each of his students.

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