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Inside the DVD "Successful Fly Fishing for the Beginner "
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Successful Fly Fishing for the Beginner
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Successful Fly Fishing for the Beginner is the first in a new series of fly fishing videos which re-enforces fundamentals, addresses casting techniques, and presents on-water fishing instruction for the specific level of fly fisherman. Runtime 90 minutes

Jeff is a Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Two-Handed Casting Instructor, one of the most sought after instructors on the West Coast! Jeff's video series introduces casting taught from a truly instructional perspective. You will observe the same curriculum as in his on-river private lessons.

DVD Video Features

  • Essential fly fishing and casting fundamentals
  • Valuable instructional series you can review as often you'd like
  • Widescreen format with 30% more viewing area for today's digital TV technology; no Pan & Scan footage
  • Convenient chapter navigation menu for quick casting instruction access
  • Featuring JPFFS Slo-mo cast and overhead viewing angle instruction
  • Region free discs

The opening chapters introduce basic fundamentals like fly fishing equipment & accessories highlighted with the beginner knots required to attach the leader system to the fly, entomology and fly selection combined with reading various water types including lakes, freestone streams and spring creeks.

The fly casting instruction chapters present detailed casting instruction on the roll cast, overhead pickup & lay down cast, overhead false casting, adding distance and changing direction presented from several key viewing angles. Our on-river above caster angle and slow motion footage present a unique display prospective designed to reinforce the casting mechanics for the beginner fly fisherman.

Putnam's Notes, are dedicated chapters addressing the common problems of each cast with the final chapter featuring bonus fly fishing on the three primary waters for trout catch & release.

Each casting chapter ends streamside with casting catch and release fishing instruction introduced to compliment the cast.

The DVD-video instruction is menu driven with the option to play the instruction set as a complete video, as a single casting lesson chapter, or Putnam's Notes individually for quick access.

Jeff possesses a full command of the technical aspects of fly casting as well as a deep appreciation for its artistry and elegance. While Jeff is an experienced instructor who is quick to identify and correct any casting problems, he is also committed to making his fly casting and fishing lessons an enjoyable and personally rewarding experience for each of his students

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