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Switch Rod Casting Techniques
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Switch Rod Casting Techniques - We made this video primarily to address many of the questions:

What is a switch rod?

Why would I need a switch rod?

What is the optimum reel, line, and leader setup for a switch rod?

The video includes switch rod essentials, application, and instructional footage which may be applied in most fly fishing tactics using single-handed, or two-handed rod casting techniques.

Why Switch Rod?

Switch rods are gaining in popularity for their versatility and performance. They are for the fly fisher who wants to cast with one or two hands whether it's nymphing for trout, launching a shooting head to the other bank, or even trying to avoid the willows behind you with a snake roll spey cast.

If you want to expand your casting technique and you want the ultimate line control, mending, and presentation, switch rods do it all.

Switch Rod Features

A rod that is light enough for single-handed and two-handed casting all day

Additional length of a switch rod amplifies movement, allowing the caster to use less effort and energy in overhead casting

Designed for distance casting

Increased control during the presentation making mending simple

Longer length allows for better hook setting by lifting more line of the water quicker

By using two hands to cast, fatigue is decreased

Good for deep wading conditions.

Perfect for Spey casting techniques which will eliminate false casting, keeping the fly in the water longer and eliminates the need for back-casting room.

Jeff is a full-time Federation of Fly Fishers Certified Single-Handed and Two-Handed Casting Instructor, one of the most sought after instructors on the West Coast! Jeff has released an instructional video series which introduces casting taught from a truly instructional perspective. You will observe the same curriculum as in his on-river private lessons.

Blu-ray Disc Features

  • Essential fly fishing and casting fundamentals
  • Valuable instructional series you can review as often you'd like
  • Widescreen format with 30% more viewing area for today's digital TV technology; no Pan & Scan footage
  • Convenient chapter navigation menu for quick casting instruction access
  • Featuring JPFFS Slo-mo cast and signature overhead viewing instruction
  • High-Definition 1080p lines of resolution
  • Region free disc
  • 90 Minutes Runtime
See High Definition Features, & Player System Requirements section for details.

The opening Essentials chapters introduce switch rod equipment and accessories, addressing switch rod action & assembly, matching the appropriate reel, and specialty line & leader recommendations to maximize rod performance. Jeff addresses the Poly leader, or Versa leader in respect to the type of casting presentation and water column depth fished.

Learn what the Outfitters won't tell you!

The Applications chapters address nymphing, swinging the fly, mending line, drifting indicators, coastal surf, tributary mouth and estuary/marsh casting & fishing presentation. During the swinging the fly application segment, Jeff highlights how to go deep with the fly and presents the key casting techniques in positioning the rod in medium to fast flowing water. How to fish a fly effectively speeding up and slowing down the swing of your fly, where to position your forward cast to go deep, when to put tension on the fly, and how to maintain control of the flies speed close to the bottom in that key zone are all presented on-the-river.

The Fly Casting Instruction chapters present detailed switch rod casting instruction on the roll cast, anchor point & D-loop, double spey, snap-t, and snake roll casts presented from several key viewing angles. Our signature on-river overhead casting angle presents a unique display prospective designed to reinforce the casting mechanics for fly fisherman using a switch rod.

Putnam's Notes, are dedicated chapters addressing the common problems of each cast with the final section featuring bonus catch & release fly fishing on-the-river for steelhead.

The Blu-ray Disc is menu driven with the option to play the instruction set as a complete video, a single casting lesson, or a single Putnam's Notes chapter individually.

Jeff possesses a full command of the technical aspects of fly casting as well as a deep appreciation for its artistry and elegance. While Jeff is an experienced instructor who is quick to identify and correct any casting problems, he is also committed to making his fly casting and fishing lessons an enjoyable and personally rewarding experience for each of his students.

Blu-ray High Definition

It is our goal to provide the highest quality fly fishing instructional video today.

JPFFS high-definition DVD media delivers high-definition content with a resolution of 1080 pixel elements (1,555,200 pixels every frame). That's 4.5 times greater than standard DVD video with a resolution of 480p (345,600 pixels every frame) which offers extraordinarily vibrant contrast, and color in addition to beautifully crisp sound.

The new DVD players that have upscale features via the HDMI port do a very good job of improving the picture quality with the 480 DVD pixel elements. But when you do the math, 1.5 million pixels per panel, or projection gun equals 3 million plus pixels and with a 720p, 1080i, or 1080p display it will provide more detail hands down.

High Definition Video System Requirements

This high definition video was recorded at 1080/30p, edited & encoded for 1080p Blu-ray Disc format, and verified on the Panasonic DMP-BD10A, Sony BDP-S300, Sony PS3, Pioneer BDP-95F compatible Blu-ray disc players, and the Dell XPS M1530 High-definition laptop.

To insure the best possible viewing experience, your player may require a firmware update.

What is required to play Blu-ray DVD discs?

Blu-ray discs cannot be read by traditional DVD players. Your entertainment system will require:

  • A Blu-Ray compatible disc player, or PC/laptop with a Blu-ray drive
  • A high-definition television, display monitor, or projector
  • HDMI, or component video cables for HD connectivity


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